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If you want a BEST OF BREED AKC Teacup, Toy or Miniature black & white or all black Poodle, you
have come to the right place!  Plus: Poppy's Poodles are raised in-home with lots of love and affection.

Call Poppy G. at 803 222-7238       E-mail: Poppy@PoodlePoppy.com
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                                                 2 NEW LITTERS BORN 4/7/14 !

2 BOYS, 2 GIRLS - we are working on pictures for you and will post them as soon as possible.

We also need to find good homes for the two remaining babies from our previous two litters, one boy & one girl: 

                                             Boo-boo (pup  #152) is black and quite tiny, about 5 months old

                             Grady (pup #154) is 5 months old and a beautiful cream color (Boo-boo's brother.)  

                                   We also have Suzi-Q (pup #138) who is one year old, all black and so sweet! 

Please scroll down this page to see the thumbnail pictures, and keep scrolling to see one bigger picture of each baby.

The rest of the pictures are on 
The Puppies page.  We only breed AKC Poodles with very impressive pedigrees.

                                                   Thank you so much for visiting our website!

The Puppies!
Here are more pictures of the puppies you saw on the Welcome page.  These darling little angels are raised right in my home and are all ready for your home. My sweet wife, Brenda and I love them, hold them, kiss them, and take great care of them.  We feed them the best whole food only, no additives, preservatives, and definately no by-products for our cherished babies!  These are very healthy pups!

You can usually reach Poppy from 9-7 weekdays, 1-5 weekends at: 803 222-7238
or E-mail Poppy by clicking on this link:

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>>THUMBNAILS<< of all the puppies.

                                                                            Puppy #152 - $1,000 

This handsome little guy is a real 'hoot' and will keep you in stitches with his adorable antics.  He's playful, but very calm and sweet.  He loves being held and kissed, playing with stuffed animals and munching on chewies.  Born October 11th, "Grady Bear" has a wonderful pedigree and will probably be about 6 to 7 lbs fully grown.





                                                                                  Puppy #125b
                                                                      to Nancy T. from Leland, N.C. 


Hi Poppy,
It was a true pleasure to finally meet you and Brenda and of course BJ.  He is a delight, very loving and well behaved.  We are adjusting to each other very well.  He is eating and drinking normally and very happy here in Leland.  He took very well to walking on a leash and pretty much walks right beside me. He had the checkup today at the vet's office, received a clean bill of health and did very well there while he was being examined.   Many thanks to you and Brenda for raising such a sweet puppy.       
                                                                                                                                                 Nancy T.

Thank you for this wonderful E-mail, Nancy, and best blessings to you and BJ...    


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Following is a note I was very happy to receive from one of my customers, and I really appreciate it!   If you will take a moment to read it, you'll see why...
                    Poppy G

It was such a pleasure to meet you and so easy to work with you! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful instructions and suggestions.  Pippa was a huge hit with the vet and of course she got an excellent report.  Also, the technician who took all of Pippa's initial information was very impressed with all of the information and notes you provided for me (and them). 
Pippa was just simply a pro on the airplane.  As a matter of fact, I have yet to hear a peep out of her.  When we got home I put out her pee pad for her and she used it immediately.  She has had such an exhausting day and she is napping in her pink polka dot bed and her kennel baby that you sent with her!
Thank you again so much for being willing to meet me in Dallas.  That was so above and beyond what most breeders would be willing to do.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for future clients.  I am so glad I stumbled across your website! I know there is no better poodle breeder out there.  Not to mention how much sweet little Pippa has helped heal my broken heart from my sweet poodle who passed on in March! 
Thank you again so much and I promise to send many pictures as she grows!!            

Ashley E. & "Pippa"

                                         AVAILABLE   RESERVED  SOLD
                                                          AKC Puppy #150g - $2,800

Ashley E. took this gorgeous Parti Poodle home to keep her and "Pippa" company in Dallas, TX.  Thank you Ashley, for providing a beautiful life for another Poodle Palace puppy.  You're the best!

Oh my gosh, this little girl is already gorgeous!  Just be careful to leave yourself extra time for people to make a fuss over her everywhere you go because she's one  of the prettiest Parti pups we've ever had.

                                                          AKC Puppy #152g - $1,500

If you might like a solid jet-black AKC Toy Poodle, this could be the girl for you!  Her mama, Princess Tiara is solid black too, calm and easy going as any pup could be.   Considering her superior pedigree, she will be a wonderful pet and maybe about 5 lbs fully grown.  And, of course, she comes with a one year written health guarantee like all my pups.     



                                         AVAILABLE RESERVED SOLD
                                                                    AKC Puppy #142b - $1,900
Went home with Robbin & Tony D, congrats, folks!  I'm so happy Tweety now has her sister to play with.

Click here to view >>THUMBNAILS<< of all the puppies. 

Please keep scrolling down.  There are still more pictures of available puppies below...

Before you check out the rest of the puppy pictures below, please allow me to share part of a heart-warming e-mail I received from Ken and Susan C. in Landrum, S.C.
Poppy G,
Ande' is a pure joy to have around and has filled a great big void in our, and now his, home.  It is hard to believe how he has grown, especially in the leg department.  As you will see from the pictures, he has long legs and exercises them regularly tearing through the house.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't come up with another antic to amuse us.

Ande' was very quick with the indoor and outdoor training.  We do not take him out after dark due to the wild animals, i.e., coyotes, skunks, owls, etc. but he does his business on the pads in the washroom and is quick to wake one of us up when he needs to go at night.

I told Susan that she picked another winner and truer words were never spoken.  Ande' is a true joy to have around and brightens and brings great joy to our home every day. 
One of these days, if you wouldn't mind, Susan and I would like to bring Ande' by so you and your wife can see him in person and what a beautiful little dog he has become.
Thank you so much, Ken & Susan, for the nice picture of Ande and for your lovely email.  Folks like you are the reason I'm a breeder.
                               Poppy G


AKC pup #138g for $1,600

Solid black 'Suzi-Q' is such a sweet little love, so no wonder I'm crazy about her  It's been so much fun watching her open her eyes for the first time, learn to walk, eat (ground) kibbles, enjoy being held.  There are few things as wonderful in the world as puppies, and poodles are the best.  The ones I breed have excellent pedigrees with predictable traits, a big advantage over most puppies.  I also breed my pups to have slightly longer legs, shorter snouts, and calm dispositions.

Click here to view >>THUMBNAILS<< of all the puppies.

Thank you so much, Donna, for your encouraging Email and for allowing me to pubish it on my website.  It's customers like you that make breeding so gratifying.

Hi Poppy!
I thought I would give you an update on my sweet Oliver. He has settled in nicely over the last month and is my little shadow. I cannot believe how much personality is packed into this little guy. He and Eli get along well as long as it is Eli’s idea; Oliver has a lot more energy than Eli, who sometimes becomes overwhelmed by him.  I love to watch them chase each other through the house and play tug-of-war with the toys. This has become a morning and evening ritual.

Ollie likes to hide out in the furniture. I have a blanket on the lower shelf of my coffee table and my desk where Ollie will hideout (like a cat) just waiting to pop out at Eli as a sneak attack.  While in many ways the two dogs are different, I have caught Ollie hoarding the toys just like Eli does. They each have their own little stockpiles. And both dogs are extremely affectionate. Ollie enjoys going to the office and everyone there loves seeing him. Last week he went from person to person greeting them, then back by my side. I'm working at home today and Oliver & Eli have been snuggled in their canopy beds under my desk. Oliver comes out every now and then to get an extra hug and play for a bit then back in where it is warm.

I will tell you, Oliver has completely stolen my heart. He has added some much needed excitement into the house. Even Jaclyn has commented about his personality, and this says a lot since Jaclyn thinks nothing tops her dogs.  Thank you so much for my little guy. He certainly brightens my life. J  

click here to view  >>THUMBNAILS<<  of all the puppies.

You can usually reach Poppy at: 803 222-7238 weekdays from 9 to 7, weekends from 1 - 5.
Or you can Email Poppy@PoodlePoppy.com   Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! 


Note: My main concern is always for my puppies, and I hereby reserve the right to refund a deposit (if there is one) and to sell or not sell a puppy at any time to whomever I choose at my own discretion for any reason disclosed or undisclosed.  All puppies are sold with AKC "Limited" registration unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

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