AKC only recognizes Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles.  They classify all Teacups and Tiny Toys as "Toys".   You will find more info about this on the Size Chart page.

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                                               WELCOME to Poppy's Website! 

If you are looking for BEST OF BREED AKC Parti Poodles, you have come to the right place!  Poppy's poodles are in-home raised with lots of love, which is why they are happy, healthy and well-adjusted.
PANDA is a classic Parti girl, competely adorable and ready for her new home.  PLACED
is 3 years old, sweet and shy with a gorgeous parti coat.  PLACED 

We also have two retired dams- Tia and Jolee that we would like to place in a loving home.  They are both about 9 years old.  If you are interested in a very calm and quiet poodle for companionship, please contact Poppy.  

We also have a one year old girl, all black named Pippin, who was born with a cleft lip.  But she doesn't know it and is sweet, playful and smart as a whip.  These are our only pups left since we are retiring in order to spend more time with our children, grand children and great grand children.  Gee, I guess we're old now! There is no picture here of Pippin, but contact me if you might be interested in giving her a good home.  

questions or to reserve a poodle call Poppy at: 803 222-7238 or Email

Please scroll down this page to see a larger picture of each puppy featured in these thumbnail photos. There are more pictures on  >The Puppies<  page.
Please note: Our website is a work in progress.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continually add, remove and update pictures.  




I LOVE POODLES and if you've ever had one as a pet, I know you do too. Poodles are
the sweetest, smartest, most gentle and affectionate dogs in the world. 

If you would like to speak with Poppy, or maybe come visit us here in the Charlotte, N.C. area, the best
time to call is usually Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. or weekends 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. at 803 222-7238.

Or you can Email Poppy at:

                                             Puppy #170 - Panda - $2,500
Lucky little Panda Bear went home this weekend with Judy and Mike B.  Thanks, folks, I know Panda couldn't have found a more loving home.

This little girl is the WHOOOOOOLE package!  Her inky black & snow white parti coloring boasts an even muzzle, full crown and best of breed body markings.  In other words, she's GORGEOUS!  Add to her stunning good looks a very impressive AKC pedigree, and here is a pup that is healthy, calm, loving and very smart. 

You will never find a better poodle than this darling little girl!  If you are someone who will only settle for
the perfect Toy Parti Poodle, precious Panda Bear might just be the perfect Parti Poodle for you.

Here is an Email I just HAVE to share.  Thank you so much, Tom, for sending it.  You made my day.                                                                                                          Poppy G

Dear Poppy, 
One year ago today we picked up Grady, now known as Gabby.  He is a JOY.  Hardly a day goes by without his making us laugh.  Whether it's chasing squirrels off our deck or stumbling down the stairs because he rounded the corner at the top too fast.  
Everybody in Waynesville knows him because I take him everywhere with me.  Half of the cashiers at Lowes know his name. He loves everybody and everything including the fat cat that lives at the vet's office.  They rub noses every time we go there. (He is in good health, but we go there for his food.)  My convertible is his favorite mode of transportation.

When he is groomed he is too pretty to be a boy.  He likes to be held and loves to love.  Needless to say, we are glad we made the trip to you a year ago today.  He means so much to us.  Tell his mom that he is loved and makes a lot of people happy.

Loving Gabby,
Tom I.                                                                    
Awwwww, that's so sweet!

                                                                            Puppy #164 - (Kanga) "Roo" - $2,000

Handsome little Roo went to his forever home with the Mike W. family, and his new little brother, Buster.
Thank you so much for giving Roo a new, wonderful, forever home where he will be loved and cherished.

Here is a picture of Roo when he was a little younger.  As you can see from his pictures on The Puppies page, his coloring has changed a bit.  Roo is a Toy Parti Poodle, but could be just on the Miniature side when he is around a year old, possibly over 8 lbs.  It partially depends on his eating habits.  Best of breed with an outstanding AKC pedigree, Roo has a calm disposition, is smart and loving, somewhat independent.  Like all
of Poppy's Poodle Pups, Roo comes with a written health guarantee.  



QUESTION: Why does one breeder sell puppies for $4,000 while a different breeder sells similar looking pups for $400?

ANSWER:  The difference is usually in the breeding!  A superior pedigree means a superior poodle in a
number of important ways.  MOST important is long-term health.  Other factors: color, sex, size, predictable
traits, proper care, good socialization, and healthy foods. PLEASE don't buy from a puppy mill.  Poorly bred
dogs can show genetic defects in later years that can cause expensive and heart-breaking conditions.

                                                   Sassy - $2,200
Sassy just found a new home with a wonderful family in Atlanta, GA.  Thank you and congratulations to Bob and Sharlene K.  We know you are taking excellent care of Sassy, and we appreciate it.
Sassy is a wonderful AKC Toy Parti Poodle- sweet, gentle, very calm and a little bit shy.  Sassy loves being held but is also happy just hanging out on her own.  We kept her to breed, but she doesn't like boys!?  So we just
had her spayed and are looking for a great new home where she will be treated like a princess.  When it comes to her wonderful disposition, Sassy is SO lovable. 


                                           AVAILABLE   RESERVED  PLACED
                                                                    Puppy #150g - $2,800

Holy cow, was this baby quickly reserved by Ashley E. in Lubbock, TX.  Ashley obviously has excellent taste in Parti Poodles.  Thank you so much, Ashley, for giving Pippa and now her little baby sister "Poppy" a great life together.  And thank you for naming that tiny little angel after me!

Aw, isn't she just too cute for words?  We thiink so here at the Poodle Palace.  That gorgeous white muzzle and crown, the black & white on her back, and that cute little nose!  If this picture of Poppy doesn't make you go "awwww!" you probably aren't a doggy person.


                                 WHY BUY A POODLE FROM POPPY G?
Poppy only raises BEST OF BREED Poodles.  This insures predictable personality traits.

Poppy's Poodles live in our home.  They also have their own room called 'The Poodle Palace.'

Poppy's Poodles eat all-natural foods and snacks.  No by-products or artificial ingredients.

Lots of love and handling in a safe, clean and happy home makes for great pets.

Proper health care and no genetic defects guaranteed in writing.

                                                      AVAILABLE  PLACED
                                                                    AKC Puppy #138 - $2,500
Precious Suzi-Q found a wonderful home with Tina & Brian R. in Spartanburg, S.C.  Thanks and best blessings.


TINY TOY POODLE Suzi-Q is fully grown and would be ideal for a calm home without small children.  She is easy going, sweet as can be and shy with strangers.  Suzy really enjoys being held and kissed.  And how could you possibly resist that sweet little face?  Best of breed Suzi has an impressive AKC pedigree so you can expect her to live a long, healthy life.

                                See more pictures of this wonderful little girl on

The following is part of an Email from one of my wonderful customers.  As a breeder, these words are music to my ears.  After you've read it please keep scrolling down for more available puppy pictures.
                                                                                                                Poppy G
I am on cloud nine. This baby girl was raised by you and your sweet wife with so much care and love, it is very evident.
I have had many puppies in my lifetime, but never have I brought home such a well adjusted, well behaved puppy, and again, it is because of the care you have given her...how did I get so lucky to find you! I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

I'll attach some pictures for you to enjoy. Again, thank you very much. My ol' heart was broken with the loss of my previous little poodle and I tell you what, I know God loves me because he led me to you and this little girl who has just filled my heart with so much joy!  

Robbin D. & "Tweety"

                                            AVAILABLE   PLACED
                                                                    Puppy #162 - $3,000
Bonnie Belle went to her forever home with her new mommy, Tammy D. of Newberry, SC.  Congrats!

Prince Quincy and Ella Bella did it again!  A GORGEOUS little girl, Bonnie Belle, was born with perfect markings and an exceptional pedigree.  Her adorable little button nose will be totally black soon.  Bonnie Belle is going to be calm, loving, and super smart like all of Poppy's poodles.  Reserve her now and you can take her home the last week of November.



                                                              Inbred Puppy
                               It's wrong and so unfair!  Look at what happened to this poor baby:



                    Nikki - $500 
Nikki just headed up to Black Mtn, NC with her new mommy, Rebecca D, an IDEAL Poodle owner. Lucky you, Nikki, you are about to be totally spoiled!  Thank you, Rebecca, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We just retired 8 year old Nikki from puppy-making and had her spayed.   Nikki is our Grand Dam, and we love her like crazy here at the Poodle Palace.  She is sweet, easy going, and understands English quite well (smart!)  And although we will miss her terribly, we want Nikki to enjoy lots of loving in a quiet, peaceful home somewhere in the greater Charlotte, NC region. 
For more information about lovely Nikki please call Poppy at 803 222-7238 weekdays 9-7, weekends 1-5 or Email Poppy@PoodlePoppy.com 



Note: Puppies will not be separated from mama until at least 8 weeks IF they are strong and healthy.  Puppies are usually priced no later than 6 weeks.

WHAT IS A "PARTI" POODLE?  You might already know that multi-colored poodles are referred to as "parti" poodles and are very desirable.  If a poodle is all or mostly dark but has the parti "factor" their offspring will also be parti poodles or have the parti factor.  Of course, the papa has something to do with the coloring also, as does their heritage.

I DOUBLE-DARE you to visit my "GOOD NEWS" page without smiling. 

OH, AND ONE MORE THING: I hope you have a sense of humor because I'm always kidding around... 

Best blessings,                                                                                                                                                                        Poppy G.

NOTE: In some of the pictures a puppy's coloring might not be completely accurate due to the lighting.  I may have used software to correct the colors or unclutter the background, but I always do my best to show the puppies as they really are.


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